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Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour
Mon Sep 19, 2011 05:47

Hi! I am Jennifer Ridenhour and I am a Kindergarten teacher in Rowan County. It is my FIRST year teaching, so I am very busy, but it is important to me to continue my education. This is my first Graduate Course and I am really enjoying it!

  • Introductions - koppenhaverd, Sun Aug 28 13:22
    Tell us about yourself here. What hats do you wear personally and professionally? What are you juggling this semester. Where are you in your masters program progress?
    • Intro - lockwoodre, Mon Sep 19 19:07
      Hi, my name is Becky Lockwood. I have been teaching for 12 years now. I am almost done with the program. I can't wait to graduate this summer. I know a lot of you were wondering about my new nephew.... more
    • Introduction - masonvf, Mon Sep 19 18:41
      My name is Ginger Mason. I teach first grade at Fall Creek Elementary School in Yadkin County. This is my 6th year teaching. When I'm not busy teaching or going to graduate classes, I stay on the run ... more
    • Intro - atkinssh, Mon Sep 19 18:37
      Hello, Everyone! My name is Sarah Atkins. I teach Special Education K-5 at Mountain Park Elementary School in Surry County. This is my sixth year teaching and I really enjoy it. I have been married... more
    • intro - fayk, Mon Sep 19 18:15
      Hello! My name is Katie Sales. I am in my 8th year of teaching in Davie County. This is my first year in kindergarten- I love it... but am very overwhelmed with how different it is from pre-k (which... more
    • Introduction -Randi Lanier - lanierrm1, Mon Sep 19 18:14
      Hi! I am Randi Lanier. I teach 2nd grade at Southmont Elementary school in Davidson County. I am very busy between work, grad school, and trying to plan my wedding for July 2012. I love teaching and... more
    • intro - simmonskn, Mon Sep 19 18:13
      Hi My name is Kayla Simmons. This is my 4th year teaching. I teach 2nd grade! I wear many hats as a teacher, wife, student, daughter, sister, friend. I'm in my last year of grad school!
    • Introduction - beasleycm, Mon Sep 19 18:12
      Hello, My name is Carla. I work at Mountain Park Elementary School and teach 2nd Grade. This is my fourth year of teaching. After this semester I have three more classes in the reading education... more
    • Intro 2 - williamsj, Mon Sep 19 09:09
      Okay so I have mine in two spots! Oh wow! I am in my last year of the masters program and cannot wait! I think I wear the hats of- teacher, daughter, sister and friend.
    • Intro - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Mon Sep 19 05:47
    • Intro - williskl1, Sun Sep 18 21:24
      Hi! My name is Katy Willis and this is my fifth year teaching Kindergarten! I feel like I wear several hats- teacher, student, wife, general control freak. This is my last year in graduate school. I... more
      • graduate in May - lanierrm1, Mon Sep 19 18:29
        I should graduate in May as well. Good luck with these last classes. It is very busy!!!
    • Intro - mclange, Sun Sep 18 20:31
      Hey, my name is Melissa Lange. This is my seventh year of teaching. I teach 3rd grade in Winston-Salem. This is my last grad school class and then I graduate in December.
    • Hats - Elisabeth Borowicz, Sun Sep 18 16:57
      Hi, I am Elisabeth Borowicz. I teach 2nd grade in Guilford County Schools. This is my FIRST year teaching! I am slightly overwhelmed but it was/is very important for me to continue my education. This ... more
    • Re: Introductions - Anonymous, Tue Sep 6 23:09
      Hello! My name is Katie Sales. I am in my 8th year of teaching in Davie County. This is my first year in kindergarten- I love it... but am very overwhelmed with how different it is from pre-k (which... more
    • Intro. - durhamsl, Tue Sep 6 19:36
      Hello my name is Stacy Durham. A few hats that I wear are: girlfriend, sister, graduate student, and teacher. I teach first grade in Davidson County. I have been teaching for five years at Welcome... more
      • school - lanierrm1, Mon Sep 19 18:23
        I remember Welcome Elementary it is so different now and bigger. I feel weird when I go in now because its been so long since I have actually been in the school.
    • Introduction - beasleylm, Mon Aug 29 20:07
      Hello! I am Lori Beasley and I am in my fourth year of teaching. I teach 4th grade and love it. I am in my last year of graduate school and after this semester I should have 2 classes left. I have... more
      • reply to lori - beasleycm, Mon Sep 19 18:14
        Actually Lori, you have three classes left after this semester.
    • Dave Koppenhaver - koppenhaverd, Sun Aug 28 15:05
      I'm the professor of record for this class. This is my 7th year (I think) at Appalachian. I was asked a couple of years ago to offer a course online, and now I teach something online every semester.... more
      • Re: Dave Koppenhaver - redingerj, Fri Sep 2 17:29
        My name is Josey and this class will complete 25 credits for me! Katie Fay-Sales and I take our classes together so that we'll both keep going! I teach pre-k in Davie County. I currently have 15... more
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