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Re: Response to Readings
Sun Sep 25, 2011 00:49

When I read Beyond Strategies I was struck about how my beliefs do impact my students. I was also impressed by the passion and caring the teachers in the article showed for their students. I have taught in an inclusion classroom. There was absolutely no collaboration between me and the EC teacher. I came to wonder how we could have inclusion if there was to be no collaboration with the teammate. If the opportunity lends itself to happening again, I will insist on planning together. I have no idea what the method the EC teacher uses with the students she pulls out of my class. I am quite curious now.

I enjoyed reading the developing technology article about Epals. Writing is important and I was interested in just how the thinking process of writing was described. We have talked in class about the CoWriter, but after reading this article, I was really impressed with the progress that so many students had made with this assistive technology. I can see how difficult it may be for Kari, my Epal to write to me. I can't wait to hear from her again.

I use new technologies with my students but I can't keep up with all the new technology out there. I try to add one more to my repetoire each year. For instance, my students are using Garage Band to record themselves reading poetry.

  • Response to Readings - koppenhaverd, Sat Sep 17 13:56
    Post your insights and questions here as you do the readings each week. After the first person posts on a particular reading, reply within that topic so we have specific reading conversations... more
    • Gaskins et. all article - redingerj, Tue Oct 18 08:03
      This reading was interesting in that the "goal" was decoding and word recognition. The common thread in many of our readings is research for best practice, reflection, and "now what?"- much like our... more
    • Gaskins 1998 article - redingerj, Tue Oct 18 07:46
      This article reminds me very much of a cartoon in which some wild warner bros. created creature is in a boat and the boat gets a leak. The character immediately plugs the hole and another leak shoots ... more
    • page 85-109 - beasleylm, Tue Oct 4 09:02
      I enjoyed reading the section in the Teaching Kids with Disablities book. There were some great strategies and ways to set up your lessons to help not only kids with disabilities, but all kids in... more
    • 85-109 in book - lanierrm1, Sun Oct 2 22:40
      I enjoyed reading this section and seeing some of the ways you can adapt writing to teach students with significant disabilities. I guess I was surprised in the beginning to see the layout is... more
      • Re: 85-109 in book - redingerj, Sun Oct 9 13:21
        I enjoyed this as well b/c of the ability to adapt situations to the entire classroom (in a differentiated manner). I have several EC students in my classroom of 18 every year (usually 6, 7 or 8). I... more
    • Re: Response to Readings - fayk, Sat Oct 1 14:02
      Dr. Koppenhaver- I want to post about our readings for this week but am not sure how to start a new response without responding to someone else? Can you help? Thanks!
    • Response To Readings - beasleycm, Sat Oct 1 11:08
      I enjoyed reading about technology. It is a great thing to have ways to reach your students and help them. I had never heard of anything like E-pals but what a great way for students to learn. I can... more
      • cowriter - lanierrm1, Sun Oct 2 22:35
        I enjoyed reading more about cowriter. My e-pal uses cowriter. Reading this section helped me to better understand the program. There are so many technologies out their we can use to help these... more
      • Co-writer - fayk, Sat Oct 1 13:26
        In response to Co-writer... I was just curious if Co-writer has ever been used with typically developing younger students? Does anyone know? I think about 1 of me and 18 of my beginning writers in... more
        • Re: Co-writer - redingerj, Mon Oct 3 17:09
          I was wondering that, myself, Katie! I have thought about that with some of my pre-k kids! I had also been wondering about Braille in teaching the alphabet to a child in my class that seems to be... more
    • Response to Readings - Stacy Durham, Thu Sep 29 19:33
      The motivation piece of the situated model of cognitive writing really stood out to me. We know that if our students are not motivated, they are not going to learn as much as they possibly can. To me ... more
      • Re: Response to Readings - fayk, Sat Oct 1 13:23
        I completely agree Stacy that technology is a motivator! I can only speak from the experience in the younger grades- but whenever technology is involved- my students are so much more motivated! They... more
    • Technology/Teacher Beliefs - Elisabeth Borowicz, Wed Sep 28 21:04
      Technology never ceases to amaze me!! The "Developing Technology" article did a great job of outlining the Epals program. I was amazed at how quickly the students learned how to use CoWriter (only... more
      • Re: Technology/Teacher Beliefs - fayk, Sat Oct 1 13:21
        I too loved learninig about the Epals program! I am a slow learner with technology- need detailed explanation and time :)- but these students learning in such a short amount of time and picking up on ... more
    • Response to Readings - beasleylm, Wed Sep 28 20:10
      I found the article about technology to be very interesting. The different technoloy tools that we can use as teachers to help students are very interesting. In my own classroom I have used... more
      • Reply to Lori - beasleycm, Sat Oct 1 11:12
        I would love to try out photostory and voicethread. I know that this is one of the things that our county has pushed us to use with our students. It is just hard to find the time to get around to... more
      • Re: Response to Readings - Stacy Durham, Thu Sep 29 19:55
        I'm glad to hear that you successfully used photostory and voicethread in your classroom. I am very interested in using both of these in my classroom. I also liked your idea of using photostory with... more
    • Reponse to Readings - atkinssh, Sun Sep 25 21:40
      I found the Technology and Writing article to be very interesting. I am really intrigued to learn more about how the CoWriter technology works. It seems that teaching students how to use the... more
      • Re: Reponse to Readings - beasleylm, Wed Sep 28 20:15
        I also really enjoyed the technology article. Technology has come a long way and I really think students benefit from all of the different technology.
      • Re: Reponse to Readings - fayk, Sun Sep 25 22:34
        I thought about the "we are a team" concept as I read through this article. How awesome that they found teachers that had the same beliefs and could work so well with one another- great for their... more
    • Re: Response to Readings - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Sep 25 15:29
      While I was reading the technology article about e-pals, I found it extremely interesting to see just how much technology can impact a child's learning. Whether a child has disabilities or not, they... more
      • Response to Readings - fayk, Sun Sep 25 22:30
        I found the article "Beyond Strategies" to be very interesting as well. It is a huge weight on our shoulders to know that our own beliefs have such an enormous impact on how our students may perform... more
        • Response to Readings - beasleycm, Sat Oct 1 11:25
          I agreed with this as well. I try very hard to differentiate with my students. It is hard work to do this in order to meet the needs of each student. However, in the end it is worthwhile.
        • Re: Response to Readings - Stacy Durham, Thu Sep 29 19:47
          I also agreed with the statement that students, disability or not, all deserve to be dealt with according to need. All teachers need to work hard at differentiating instruction to best meet the needs ... more
      • Re: Response to Readings - langem, Sun Sep 25 19:39
        The amount of technology that is used in this classroom is amazing. I was impressed with the amount of success the students had. The e-pal program helps them to learn and is fun. I would love to see... more
      • Response to Readings - fayk, Sun Sep 25 16:49
        In response to the first reading I was amazed to read how involved and dedicated these teachers were in helping the children in their classrooms. There is such a need for teachers like this! I think... more
        • Re: Response to Readings - Elisabeth Borowicz, Wed Sep 28 21:13
          I agree with what you said about understanding all the work that goes into the email your ePal sends you. Wow! I think about how many emails I scan through and send out a day, and how easy that is to ... more
        • e-pals - redingerj, Sun Sep 25 20:17
          Katie, I'd love to see this, too! How great is it that these kids aren't held to the same guidelines (a before b, b before c, etc.) as typical kids. They just can't be held to the same standards or... more
    • Re: Response to Readings - lockwoodre, Sun Sep 25 00:49
      • Re: Response to Readings - Stacy Durham, Thu Sep 29 20:05
        In the past I have also been guilty of not planning with the EC teacher. I realize now how beneficial it is for the student when both teachers work together. Last year I became much closer with the... more
      • reply to articles - beasleylm, Wed Sep 28 20:12
        I also think it is very important to plan with other teachers, especially the EC teacher. At our school, we fill out a lesson plan format every week that hits the big ideas of what we are doing that... more
        • Re: reply to articles - fayk, Sat Oct 1 13:29
          We do the same and I love this! Coming from preschool where I really didn't collaborate much with other teachers- I love bouncing ideas and thoughts back and forth with other teachers and... more
      • 3 cheers for rational - koppenhaverd, Mon Sep 26 12:49
        Often folks respond to the "I can't keep up" feeling by doing nothing. Good for you for adding one thing a year.
      • Response to Becky - atkinssh, Sun Sep 25 21:55
        I also have taught in an inclusive classroom. After reading this article, it's refreshing to know that there are classrooms in which inclusion can work beautifully and be very beneficial for students ... more
      • Re: Response to Readings - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Sep 25 15:05
        I feel the same way about CoWriter. I knew that it was a great tool that assisted students in their writings, but I had no clue that it could help students learn how to become a more independent... more
    • I found both of these articles pretty interesting. Starting with the article about how the E-Pals program got started, I found it interesting how the program originated. I liked how the program... more
    • HT Article- When Assessment is Inquiry - redingerj, Mon Sep 19 11:09
      I found this article interesting because I hadn't considered such formal THINKING before... I can see how "Hypothesis Test" would be so beneficial in trying to figure out a child in whom I have... more
      • Re: HT Article- When Assessment is Inquiry - beasleylm, Wed Sep 28 20:14
        I totally agree with you that there is not enough time in the day or school year to observe all of our children that are struggling. It would be great if we had the opportunity to do that. I see that ... more
      • reply to post - trivettec, Sun Sep 25 17:08
        The only problem with RTI (at least in my school), is that, first of all, most of the children are recognized because of test scores and not informal observations. Also, once they are recognized as... more
        • Response to Carrie - beasleycm, Sat Oct 1 11:22
          Carrie, I agree with you so much on this issue. It is such a long and drawn out process at my school to try and get help for students. I can spend the entire school year trying different research... more
        • RTI and inqury - koppenhaverd, Mon Sep 26 12:56
          That's a really interesting insight, Carrie. I haven't heard it put quite that way before. It would be interesting to see a less regimented tier placement approach and more teacher-guided,... more
        • reply to Carrie - fayk, Sun Sep 25 22:37
          Hey Carrie! I have not had any experience with RTI until this past week. I was shocked as I sat in our grade level meeting with the RTI team how quickly they wanted to look at my kindergarteners for... more
        • Re: reply to post - redingerj, Sun Sep 25 20:14
          Carrie, I understand what you mean when you say "inquiry" approach. We need to be able to spend more time with HT types of format for RTI- and be able to discuss cases rather than slapping bandaids... more
      • HT thoughts - koppenhaverd, Mon Sep 19 11:17
        One of the lessons I've learned mostly the hard way over the years working with these kids is that the more systematic you are in trying to figure them out, the less often you have to reinvent the... more
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