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Re: Response to Readings
Sun Sep 25, 2011 19:39

The amount of technology that is used in this classroom is amazing. I was impressed with the amount of success the students had. The e-pal program helps them to learn and is fun. I would love to see and learn more about Co-Writer. It was nice to see the little video we saw in class last week but I would love to see it done in person. The article talked about the limited background knowledge with students with learning disabilities. I really never thought of that before. Students with low SES are the student who I really thought of having limited background knowledge. Having students with low SES and students who speak another language, I am also having to find a way to give them the background knowledge other students have. I found the amount of websites very helpful and I might be able to incorporate them into my classroom.

  • Re: Response to Readings - Jennifer Wherritt Ridenhour, Sun Sep 25 15:29
    While I was reading the technology article about e-pals, I found it extremely interesting to see just how much technology can impact a child's learning. Whether a child has disabilities or not, they... more
    • Response to Readings - fayk, Sun Sep 25 22:30
      I found the article "Beyond Strategies" to be very interesting as well. It is a huge weight on our shoulders to know that our own beliefs have such an enormous impact on how our students may perform... more
      • Response to Readings - beasleycm, Sat Oct 1 11:25
        I agreed with this as well. I try very hard to differentiate with my students. It is hard work to do this in order to meet the needs of each student. However, in the end it is worthwhile.
      • Re: Response to Readings - Stacy Durham, Thu Sep 29 19:47
        I also agreed with the statement that students, disability or not, all deserve to be dealt with according to need. All teachers need to work hard at differentiating instruction to best meet the needs ... more
    • Re: Response to Readings - langem, Sun Sep 25 19:39
    • Response to Readings - fayk, Sun Sep 25 16:49
      In response to the first reading I was amazed to read how involved and dedicated these teachers were in helping the children in their classrooms. There is such a need for teachers like this! I think... more
      • Re: Response to Readings - Elisabeth Borowicz, Wed Sep 28 21:13
        I agree with what you said about understanding all the work that goes into the email your ePal sends you. Wow! I think about how many emails I scan through and send out a day, and how easy that is to ... more
      • e-pals - redingerj, Sun Sep 25 20:17
        Katie, I'd love to see this, too! How great is it that these kids aren't held to the same guidelines (a before b, b before c, etc.) as typical kids. They just can't be held to the same standards or... more
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