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Sun Sep 25, 2011 20:17

Katie, I'd love to see this, too! How great is it that these kids aren't held to the same guidelines (a before b, b before c, etc.) as typical kids. They just can't be held to the same standards or some of them would never "graduate" levels in getting to the point of emailing! I like the adaptiveness of the technological movement for all children- especially those with disabilities.

  • Response to Readings - fayk, Sun Sep 25 16:49
    In response to the first reading I was amazed to read how involved and dedicated these teachers were in helping the children in their classrooms. There is such a need for teachers like this! I think... more
    • Re: Response to Readings - Elisabeth Borowicz, Wed Sep 28 21:13
      I agree with what you said about understanding all the work that goes into the email your ePal sends you. Wow! I think about how many emails I scan through and send out a day, and how easy that is to ... more
    • e-pals - redingerj, Sun Sep 25 20:17
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