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Re: Reponse to Readings
Sun Sep 25, 2011 22:34

I thought about the "we are a team" concept as I read through this article. How awesome that they found teachers that had the same beliefs and could work so well with one another- great for their students!!!

  • Reponse to Readings - atkinssh, Sun Sep 25 21:40
    I found the Technology and Writing article to be very interesting. I am really intrigued to learn more about how the CoWriter technology works. It seems that teaching students how to use the... more
    • Re: Reponse to Readings - beasleylm, Wed Sep 28 20:15
      I also really enjoyed the technology article. Technology has come a long way and I really think students benefit from all of the different technology.
    • Re: Reponse to Readings - fayk, Sun Sep 25 22:34
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