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Stacy Durham
Re: Response to Readings
Thu Sep 29, 2011 19:47

I also agreed with the statement that students, disability or not, all deserve to be dealt with according to need. All teachers need to work hard at differentiating instruction to best meet the needs of their students. Just like you, I try my best to do this but sometimes it can be a challenge. A worthwhile one though.

  • Response to Readings - fayk, Sun Sep 25 22:30
    I found the article "Beyond Strategies" to be very interesting as well. It is a huge weight on our shoulders to know that our own beliefs have such an enormous impact on how our students may perform... more
    • Response to Readings - beasleycm, Sat Oct 1 11:25
      I agreed with this as well. I try very hard to differentiate with my students. It is hard work to do this in order to meet the needs of each student. However, in the end it is worthwhile.
    • Re: Response to Readings - Stacy Durham, Thu Sep 29 19:47
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