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Stacy Durham
Re: Response to Readings
Thu Sep 29, 2011 19:55

I'm glad to hear that you successfully used photostory and voicethread in your classroom. I am very interested in using both of these in my classroom. I also liked your idea of using photostory with rocks and minerals. Rocks and minerals are part of the first grade curriculum too. Thanks for the idea!

  • Response to Readings - beasleylm, Wed Sep 28 20:10
    I found the article about technology to be very interesting. The different technoloy tools that we can use as teachers to help students are very interesting. In my own classroom I have used... more
    • Reply to Lori - beasleycm, Sat Oct 1 11:12
      I would love to try out photostory and voicethread. I know that this is one of the things that our county has pushed us to use with our students. It is just hard to find the time to get around to... more
    • Re: Response to Readings - Stacy Durham, Thu Sep 29 19:55
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