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Response to Reading Emergent Writing/Technology
Fri Sep 30, 2011 21:08

I enjoyed reading the articles on promoting emergent writing for students with significant disabilities and alternative pencils. I really was able to think about my own classroom while I was reading these articles. I thought about how I think about my students with disabilities. I don't have any students in my class with significant disabilities, but I have had exceptional students in my class. I believe that too often teachers are more concerned with managing the disability than we are in making sure that they are getting the same experiences all our regular ed. students are. I think that it is really important for all teachers to remember that dispite students' disabilities, they all need to be exposed to early writing experiences and that all students are able to learn from these experiences.

I also learned a lot about the different "alternative pencils" that are available to students with disabilities. I had no idea that these technologies existed. I think its fantastic the opportunities that these alternative pencils afford students. They are getting the opportunity to engage in meaningful emergent writing activities!

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