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Re: Dave Koppenhaver
Fri Sep 2, 2011 17:29

My name is Josey and this class will complete 25 credits for me! Katie Fay-Sales and I take our classes together so that we'll both keep going! I teach pre-k in Davie County. I currently have 15 students in my classroom (ages 3-4). 6 of my students are EC (2 are speech only) 3 are ESL. I have 3 more open EC slots and 2 assistants. At home I am kept busy by my husband, Charles, 16 year old stepdaughter, Zoe, and Brevin (4th grade), Fin (2nd grade), Gianni (1st grade), Jeb (11 year old border collie, and Biscuit (9 year old mutt)! God help me! Now you know why I only take 1 credit/semester!

  • Dave Koppenhaver - koppenhaverd, Sun Aug 28 15:05
    I'm the professor of record for this class. This is my 7th year (I think) at Appalachian. I was asked a couple of years ago to offer a course online, and now I teach something online every semester.... more
    • Re: Dave Koppenhaver - redingerj, Fri Sep 2 17:29
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