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Re: Technology/Teacher Beliefs
Sat Oct 1, 2011 13:21

I too loved learninig about the Epals program! I am a slow learner with technology- need detailed explanation and time :)- but these students learning in such a short amount of time and picking up on it so well amazed me! I too believe our world is going to strictly be based around technology. I thought about trying to find a class from somewhere around the world to e-mail ideas, questions and answers back and forth with my kindergarteners. They too understand that most things are done through technology!

  • Technology/Teacher Beliefs - Elisabeth Borowicz, Wed Sep 28 21:04
    Technology never ceases to amaze me!! The "Developing Technology" article did a great job of outlining the Epals program. I was amazed at how quickly the students learned how to use CoWriter (only... more
    • Re: Technology/Teacher Beliefs - fayk, Sat Oct 1 13:21
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