Melorich Australian labradoodles
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Re: Crate Size
Thu Feb 16, 2012 19:50

Thank you all for the replies.
We will do the same with our pup once she is older and give her the run of the house and keep her crate in our bedroom. I just want to make sure that we acquire the right size. I know that Molly is due next week we are however third in line for a girl.

  • Crate Size - Anonymous, Mon Feb 13 17:25
    We got the large wire crate that Rich recommended, not knowing for sure how large she would get. We're so glad that we did. She only weighs around 30 pounds, but it's nice for her to have the room to ... more
    • Re: Crate Size - Anonymous, Thu Feb 16 19:50
    • Crate size - imnot12, Tue Feb 14 00:29
      I reccomend the 42" crate with the dividing interior (moveable) wall. Give them just enough room to turn around in as a pup and move wall as they grow. There will be some info on this in your kit as... more
      • Re: Crate size - Anonymous, Sun Feb 19 07:15
        Yea that is the size I think we are getting. Can't wait to see the pups.
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