Melorich Australian labradoodles
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Wed Apr 25, 2012 06:49

Sounds like a wiiner. we still us the 4 start rated Kirkland ( Costco's brand MFG to spec by Diamond and never been subject to a recall )

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Dog Food which is a grain free allergen free salmon or turkey dry food is also rated 4 stars.

I agree that output is important as a sign of how much your dog absorbs of the food in the intestines. There are some very good alternatives to what we feed. Dollar for dollar we like the Costco brand as a good food for half the price of others but for many its not an option and its always good to know whats out there and working. My dogs will eat and like anything.

We make the home made treats ( I think the recipe is on the website and if not I can pass it along) They LOVE those and very healthy...Strongly reccomend

  • Dog Foods - Kathy L, Tue Apr 24 14:05
    Just thought I'd toss this bit of info out there. . . check out the website There is quite a bit of info on dog foods, ratings, and recalls. I've recently been using Taste of the... more
    • Foods - imnot12, Wed Apr 25 06:49
      • Dog Food - Sue , Wed Apr 25 07:51
        We still use the Costco Kirkland brand made by Diamond for our dog. He had both the puppy brand and now the adult brand and has never had a problem with either. You should post the treat recipes on... more
        • Treat Recipe - imnot12, Wed Apr 25 09:54
          Healthy Homemade Dog Treats • 1 Medium ripe banana • 1 cup shredded carrots • ¼ cup unsweetened applesauce • 1/8 – ¼ cup water (start with an 1/8 and add as desired / needed) • 1½ cups whole wheat... more
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