Melorich Australian labradoodles
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Thu Jul 4, 2013 10:26

There is a recipe on the website for a "healthy" treat. We make them for all of our dogs and every dog loves them.

Regarding shoes, I assume you have followed a rigid crate schedule while training and thus this happens when you dont have an eye on your "puppy".

When this used to happen to my childs things I told her that we had done a bad job of training our child. Puppies chew.

You can boil all the meat out of a soup bone, clean it and make sure there is nothing to splinter. I have put those soup bones in the crate so a dog could de stress. You can buy Kongs and fill them with low fat cheese but not all the time

I also assume you have been working with a trainer as I always recommend. He may help both you and your pet to modify behaviours on both yours as well as your pets.

  • Safe chews and bones - Joanne owen, Thu Jul 4 10:02
    Thanks for reply. I would like suggestions of bones or treats that are safe for my doodle. He has ruined several pairs of my shoes if they are not out of his reach. Thanks
    • Treats -, Thu Jul 4 10:26
      • Recipe -, Thu Jul 4 10:29
        BTW, the recipe was included in the info kit we sent out to everyone who purchased a pup from us. Here it is, again. Healthy Homemade Dog Treats 1 Medium ripe banana 1 cup shredded carrots ... more
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