Melorich Australian labradoodles
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Sun Sep 22, 2013 08:10

To say that Australian Labradoodles have a tendancy to developing Addisons I think is misleading. Poodles were one of a half dozen breeds that had a statistically higher propensity of developing this rare disorder, thus there would be a chance that Addisons, which is more common in dogs than humans, would show itself in ALD and has. In 12 or 13 years of breeding and thus between 750 to a 1000 pups, we have one confirmed case of Addison's disease.

There are no genetic markers therefore no testing that we as breeders can do. I understand that for many the cost of treatment is too expensive. The one dog we had diagnosed ended up living with the Vet that was treating her and the confirmed diagnosis was made under warranty and a replacement pup was provided which is the best we can do. we test where we can and when a genetic marker is determined then we will test for that as well. It is suggested that Addisons has an environmental trigger as well. More needs to be known but it is NOT true that ALDs have a higher propensity and actually have a lower statistical propensity than the Poodle. I suggest Tufts University Veterinary Dept. for more information. We subscribe to their monthly newsletter

  • Addison's Disease - Linda, Thu Sep 19 05:36
    I read that Australian labradoodles have a tendancy to develop Addison's disease. It can be underdiagnosed and am wondering if any owners have had any testing done or know more about this disease.
    • Addisons - Staci Huntley, Mon Sep 23 09:15
      I have a 2 year old Australian Labradoodle that was diagnosed with Addisons when he was one it is a very manageable disease with proper meds they can live a long happy life he get's a DOCP shot every ... more
    • Addisons -, Sun Sep 22 08:10
      • Thanks - Linda, Sun Sep 22 10:45
        Thank you for the message, I appreciate it. A lot of stuff on web is misleading but wanted to get accurate info. Our ALD is a great dog and if this was something that would affect her we wanted to... more
        • Re: Thanks -, Sun Sep 22 11:09
          Sorry it took several days. Females are more prone than males but, again, it isn't common.We do our best to breed away from things we understand and daily that changes. I's the same with humans in... more
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