Melorich Australian labradoodles
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Re: Thanks
Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:09

Sorry it took several days. Females are more prone than males but, again, it isn't common.We do our best to breed away from things we understand and daily that changes. I's the same with humans in that there is no ultimate assurance that one won't develop some life changing or altering disease. We deal with the cards that are dealt us. If my dog developed a disease I would just do what I could as my dog is a part of my family. I understand when someone says its not affordable and some opt for health insurance for their dogs and some must walk away. There is no simple answer. In life there is an abundant of possible genetic issues that can arise and we as breeders do our best to minimize, but so far no one can totally eliminate.

  • Thanks - Linda, Sun Sep 22 10:45
    Thank you for the message, I appreciate it. A lot of stuff on web is misleading but wanted to get accurate info. Our ALD is a great dog and if this was something that would affect her we wanted to... more
    • Re: Thanks -, Sun Sep 22 11:09
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