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Lauren Gray
Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:50am

I would have to say that none of the stories have had a great impact on me. I donít really enjoy reading, especially these stories where we have to analyze rhetoric and other aspects of them and their complexity. However, if I had to choose one story to be my favorite so far I would probably pick Green Hell. I felt like it was the easiest to read, even though it was a little longer than some, and that I kind of liked some of the irony. For example, I found it somewhat humorous and very ironic that the narrator stole from the Cat Man, then when he came upon his village, the Cat Man who had become ruler of the small village said he was the only one who appreciated his beauties and showed him respect, but in reality he stole food from the Cat Man.
I think my least favorite Boyle story was probably Big Game. I think when I was reading it I kind of tuned out and didnít really follow what was happening. Also, if I remember correctly, there was some talk about guns and hunting, which I know nothing about, so that also didnít really help.
In my 11th grade English class, we read didnít do a lot of reading. We spent a majority of our time taking practice AP exams. However, sometimes when my teacher ran out of practice tests for us to take, she would make us read a story from our textbook, which was similar to the one we have, and then she would make up her own prompt. The stories we read in that book were somewhat similar to these, though. They were generally short-ish stories that were ironic, or used a lot of similes and metaphors, or vivid imagery that we would have to write about. In my 12th grade English class, we were supposed to read actual books, like The Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, etc. However, my teacher never tested us on the reading material and we would talk about it in class (more like she would talk about the story while the whole class played games on their computer or roamed the hallways). So, honestly I didnít do much reading-at all-last year during that English class.

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