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Lexi Truesdale
TC Boyle Book
Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:03pm

I believe that my favorite story that I have read so far in the TC Boyle book was the one called "Big Game". The story was filled with imagery that really helped me imagine the situation. The characters were also very complex as well. Not only was the story interesting but it was also fairly easy to follow. I have realized that some of the stories we have read can be confusing at times but "Big Game" was a simple yet fascinating story. Irony played a big role in the plot because the humans wanted to kill the animals to show off their wealth and they ended up being killed by the animals. Their daughter was the only one that survived and she was the one that thought what her parents were doing was wrong. She also inherited a huge amount of money when both her parents died. I also found that it was interesting that the oldest animal in the zoo was the one that ended up killing all the humans. The story that is my least favorite was "Modern Love". That story was so weird and honestly I did not get the point. The only thing I got from that story was the girl was insane and totally paranoid over germs and the boy wore a full body condom thing. I still don't really understand if they had sex or if they just messed around. I didn't understand the point and it was extremely hard for me to stay interested in the story. All of the other stories we have read in class have actually been very entertaining. I enjoy discussing them in class because a lot of the time other students will mention things that I didn't even realize myself. The stories are different then anything I have ever read before. Every one we have read so far has had some underlying message that the reader has to figure out. Most of the stories are also filled with irony and sarcasm which I love since I am a very sarcastic person myself. The fact that they are short stories also helps hold my attention. Every story is different so I never get bored with what I am reading.

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