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Charles Dennis
3/16 Discussion
Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:41pm

Out of the several TC Boyle stories we've read I've like the most recent one, Green Hell. All of the stories we've read I'm able to image and draw picture of everything that's going on. The detail and diction Boyle uses is very vivid and over the top but it's necessary to imagine the setting and moods that the characters are in.

Green Hell was definitely my favorite story we've read and next is Modern Love. Modern Love had was a good story it just ended a little weird. But the fact that they used a full body condom is a little random yet funny. He gave every character is Green Hell a detailed description at some point in the story. He even had the narrator's thoughts about every character. It's a little ironic how he did the absolute minimum to help the other passengers but at the end he's the only sane one left that makes it out of the forest.

My least favorite story is Heart of a Champion for sure. Timmy was not the average kid dog owner and Lassie wasn't the average pet. The fact that the dog had a fling with a random coyote was a random as well. Boyle has a seeming pattern of weird random ideas that he details perfectly. Another thing I didn't like about Heart of a Champion is he was put in a couple life threatening situations that he should have died in. But somehow he escaped scratch free because of his dog that has the talents of a transformer. The fact that the dog was invincible and ends up having sex with a coyote is absurd.

I've read a couple of Boyle's stories before and I didn't remember them being as vivid. But now that I've actually read a couple to be able to distinguish his stories from other authors, he's become one of my favorite authors. I've even chosen to read a few of hid other stories on my own enjoyment.

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