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Austin Crowley
3/23 response
Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:11am

So far I have completed only two sources and am feeling good about them. I understand that it is quite behind schedule right now, but I feel confident in my ability to complete it before the deadline. This paper is not like anything I have ever done before and I find it very refreshing. I think that it is really interesting to write a bunch of separate, almost miniature, essays. I also enjoy my topic, which is alternative energy sources and future fuels. I find it quite, pertinent to my life and the future of humanity.
The future concerns me considerably because I find the prospect of a world where we are still extremely dependent on oil, frightening. What will happen when the oil is running low or when it does run out? We will have to work towards a new energy source fast or we are all doomed as a civilization. I personally think that we must find a new source of cleaner, cheaper, and stronger energy now, before we must kill each other for oil. Which we do now and will only get worse.
From the small amount of research I have already accomplished, it seems that there are plenty of alternative forms of fuel out there. We really need to start to pay attention to these abundant possibilities that we have. I think that if the public and media just shed more light on these projects for new fuel sources then they would be implemented sooner. Many of these research projects are either underfunded or understaffed. Needless to say, that should be fixed if we want to better our chances of having a way out of this imminent energy crisis.
I have come across only a few minor challenges in writing this annotated bibliography. I of course have the common problem of getting started, which really just comes from a tendency to get caught up in other things. I also see that finding good sources is going to be quite a big problem. I do however have no problem with summarizing each source and making it distinct. I hope to have a very nice and polished bibliography by Monday.

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