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Brianna Rinaldin
No Subject
Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:31am

I am about half way done with my annotated bibliography. This is more than some people I guess. I thought about changing my topic when I started having difficulty finding enough sources. I am back to my original topic though. For my issue paper I am going to write about full inclusion vs. segregated schools for students with special needs. So I went ahead and did the research for that. I have gotten all my print sources and written an annotation for 6 of them. I have found two other online sources. Itís not that bad. There isnít much to write just what they focus on and their intended audience. The writing part is not hard but finding the sources has been a challenge. I just need to find a few more sources but that has been my biggest problem. I am having trouble finding sources that are relevant and current. A lot of good relevant sources I find are older than 2007. Itís a lot different from a lot of English papers I have written. I feel like it is more like a notes page that just has the sources and the main ideas so you can go back and quickly find which sources would help you in your paper.
In one of my other classes this semester we are assigned articles every Tuesday and have to write an annotated citation for Thursday. I donít know if there is a technical difference between annotated bibliographies and annotated citations but what you want and what the other teacher wants is a little different. For that class we write two or three sentences with the authorís name and year of the article cited almost like an in-text citation and then what the author was arguing. We also donít have to include audience mainly because all the articles are meant for K-2 teachers trying to find the best ways to teach reading. Basically at the end of the year we will have all our annotated citations in a little paper and be able to easily find the sources that fit in our reflection paper. So the list of annotated citations is sort of similar to the annotated bibliography at least the most similar thing I have written.

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