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Georgia Allen
Discussion 3/23
Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:11am

Georgia Allen 3/23

On my annotated bibliography I have actually finished it and am very glad of that. This paper I found to be a huge frustration and to be a whole lot harder then what I imagined. I thought that summarizing a section in a book or what an article said but it actually turned out to prove me wrong. This paper out of any other paper that I have written has been completely different in many aspects. The paper not being five or many paragraphs was one huge difference. Also how the paper required fifteen citations and wanting the material in the paper to be the summarizing of each citation. Another difference of the annotated bibliography that I noticed is how it is nothing like a normal paper that they teach students in high school. Coming to college was the first time that I had ever heard of the word and what it would mean to do. Some of the challenges that I cam across while writing my paper is not overlapping some of the ideas that I wanted to include. Since I focused on the topic of discipline in the classroom I wanted to write about behavior and punishments of behavior. Looking through all the books and looking at all the aspects of discipline in a classroom I realized that there was way more then what I thought. All of the books that I checked out from the library I looked through all of the material and topic that they listed and proved to be good discipline and listed them out. After reading what they each talked about I wanted to make sure that my material was not overlapping and had a wide range of discipline topics in my paper. Another challenge that I had with the paper is thinking that it would not be so time consuming. That I was wrong about For about two weeks I would work on a couple of them each day and try to accomplish the paper. The last challenge that I can think of with the paper that I ran across was making sure that I was completing the citations correctly that went at the top of each summary. It was sometimes difficult to determine what kind of source it was. In all I hope that my paper is focused on all the correct information and has a range of discipline used in the classroom.

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