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Charles Dennis
3/23 Discussion
Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:23pm

For my annotated bibliography I have about half of my sources and citations listed and summarized. I've sat down twice to actually work on it and I plan on finishing it up this weekend. After contemplating between childhood diabetes and childhood obesity I decided to do my annotations on childhood obesity. There were way more print sources for childhood obesity than my other topic as well. It just made my research a lot easier.

I've done an annotated bibliography in high school and in English 1100 but never have I had to do one that needed 15 sources. In high school I needed 7 sources MLA style and in English 1100 I needed 8 sources MLA formatted. Being that this is a higher level English class I know I'm going to have to make it seem like I'm writing for a higher level but other than that I don't think there's any major differences.

The biggest challenge I've faced is finding credible sources and enough print sources to be able to use them in my annotated bibliography. That's another reason why I had to change my topic to childhood obesity because there were plenty of sources to choose from. I still have have look at several examples and sample annotated bibliographies that were done MLA style so I don't forget anything and lose points unnecessarily.

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