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Lexi Truesdale
Annotated Bibliography
Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:46pm

My annotated bibliography has worked out very well so far which has made me very happy. The source I picked has a lot of information so it has been easy to find go sources. I have finished seven online sources already so now all I have to do is work on the print sources. I pretty much have the sources I am going to use it is just actually sitting down and putting them in the correct format. They are extremely time consuming though which really surprised me. i thought that this was going to be a relatively easy and quick assignment that I would be able to bang out in one afternoon but I was wrong. After doing those 7 online sources I was ready to never do another citation again. I am glad that I did not procrastinate till Sunday night or I would go insane. I have never done anything like this before in my life. The first paper we wrote was the first paper I have ever had to cite anything on before so a whole assignment of nothing but the citations is really weird for me. It is going relatively smoothly though. That example that you gave us on this website has helped me out a ton. That is what I keep looking at for references which I am sure was the point in the first place. I have to keep reminding myself of all the certain formatting thing that makes it MLA format. Also I have never had to write a paper that wasn't an actual essay. Some of the challenges I have come across is finding print sources. They are so much more difficult to find then online sources. I am also paranoid about the format now. I always think I am going to miss something major that is going to make my grade really bad. I think that is mostly because I still have not done many things like this yet so I am a little self concious. I am really feeling confident that I am going to get a good grade on this assignment though! I am sort of excited to turn it in though which probably sounds really crazy.

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