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Margaret Kristofak
Fri Mar 30, 2012 12:51pm

The topic I am considering for my paper is online medical information. I think this is a good issue to write about because there are many different topics that could be said about online medical information. For one side of my paper I will write about misleading medical information that is online and how this can affect so many different people. Lots of people believe that they can self diagnose themselves just by typing their symptoms into google, this can be true but it can be difficult to tell which websites have legitimate facts and which ones donít. Many people can end up getting more sick because of following advice given to them on websites. Another argument that can be made against online medical information is that it destroys an industry and makes people not want to take time out of their busy schedulesí to go see their regular physicians. This is bad for the medical industry if people are self-diagnosing. The other side of my argument on misleading online medical information would be that it can be a good thing because people can save money by not going to the doctor or patient first to get easy advice that can simply be found online. There are some websites online that can be helpful and are accurate, in many of the sources that I researched for the annotated bibliography the articles stated that if would be helpful if their regular physicians would give patients information on the most accurate medical websites to follow. So many people have access to computers now it is so convenient to get medical advice in a more time efficient way. I think that if I sat down I could also think of other relevant points that would be good to write a paper about for the issue paper. I think that online medical information is a very relevant topic that will be easy to discuss. I have considered also writing about a few other topics such as healthcare reform but I feel like that is too touchy of a subject and would be hard not to share my opinion but with online medical information I donít necessarily have an opinion so I can write a better paper from both sides of the argument.

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