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Charles Dennis
Discussion 3/30
Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:12pm

For my issue paper I have two topics that I'm considering doing. My first topic I'm thinking about doing is abortion. Abortion has many different views and ways that people view it. Abortion has a religious view and a personal opinion that people take into consideration. I'm also considering the topic of gun possession. People use artillery for recreational use all the time. But if the government didn't make weapons available to America's public there would be no such thing as gun violence.

The reason I chose abortion as my topic is because it's something that happens to 22 percent of women in the United States. Being a Christian abortion comes down to personal opinion, but going to Catholic school for a few years I realize how severe the subject is. Under any circumstances not one person in that school said they would ever consider an abortion. But if they were actually put in the situation in where they couldn't afford or take care of a baby because of what ever situation they had, their opinion might change.

The reason I'm thinking about talking about the issue of gun possession is because of the pros and cons that I can discuss while doing my paper. People see having firearms as a use of protection. Others may view it as sports utility and recreation. But for people that don't have any good use of a weapon of such danger there is no reason for them to be able to acquire or even get their hands on one. Weapon artillery should solely be used for protecting our country in some people's eyes.

I'm looking forward to doing this paper because making a point is something I've been told I'm good at. A lot of times people get into an arguments and afterwards they think about the things they should have said during the argument. This paper will give me a chance to express all the different aspects of an argument and hopefully I don't forget anything significant while doing writing the paper.

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