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Charles Dennis
4/13 Discussion
Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:47pm

I still have two topics that I want to discuss but I'm leaning towards doing my paper on interracial dating. I feel like America has many different views on black, Hispanic, white and even Asian people dating each other depending on region of the country that they live in or even how they were raised.

Some people are all for the idea and and some people are completely against it. Then there's the part where one half of the couple has to introduce the other to their parents. Interracial couples get the most peculiar looks from people on the street and I've witnessed it. More than half of America have inter-racially dated before and it's still something that comes up as an issue. Dateline NBC dedicated a whole episode to the topic because it comes up so frequently.

The two sides of the argument are solely opinions of people that have possibly experienced, have no preference, or are all for dating between races. Some people would like to try to date inter-racially but they are afraid of people around them would say.

Another reason may be that they don't know how to approach the opposite race. The other side of the argument are people that are completely against it and why they feel that way. Southern raised families are probably more likely to be against it because that's how their family was raised.

I feel the biggest challenges of this paper will be not mentioning my personal experiences. I have to find several credible sources the provide facts about interracial dating and provide statistics about the topic. I feel like speaking on the topic is going to be easy because I personally have an opinion.

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