Aimee Callicutt
4/20 Discussion Response
Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:18am

This English class has been very different from any other English class that I have taken in that the work load was very light in comparison. All in all, I was underwhelmed by the course as a whole, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It was refreshing to have a course that gives you the freedom to choose your own topics, battles, and gives you the power to control your progress in actually learning the subject. Though the objectives of this English course were a bit obscure to begin with, I found that the skills that I had previously learned in other English classes were improved and built upon. I feel that I most benefitted from the in-class reading analysis essays and the research papers that we were instructed to write. From the in-class reading analyzation essays, I feel that my abilities to identify the meaning of a story and how the author achieved delivery of that message were strengthened. From the research papers and annotated bibliography that we constructed outside of class I learned what it was like to have complete control over the direction of my papers. In prior classes, I and my fellow classmates were spoon-fed the "five-paragraph essay method" which was not the case in this class. I learned what it was like to format an entire paper singlehandedly with little instruction about how to organize content. With only a little bit of information to go off of when trying to organize the content of the paper, it taught me how to adapt to different instructor's expectations when constructing a paper. I think I benefitted least from the online discussions. I have learned nothing from them other than the responsibility for submitting the assignment on time with the 350 word minimum. Other than those lessons, I found the online discussions to be a hassle and I would much rather sit in class for fifty minutes and free write or something to that extent. Most students would disagree in saying "Well, at least we don't have to get up and go to class," and to that I say "What's another 50 minutes on Friday, you lazy f***?" Maybe I am being too critical, but I came to college to learn shit, not lie in bed on Friday morning, wake up at 4:59pm and post a slapdash, half-assed assignment on a discussion board. But that's just me. Did the class meet my expectations? No. Is that a bad thing? Yes, if you are an overachiever, no, if you don't give a crap one way or the other. I am ambivalent to the CLASS, I just want to know if I made a good grade (another fine product of conditioning from the American School System).

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    How has this English class been different from others you've taken? What do you feel you benefitted most from in the class? What do you feel you benefitted least from? Do you feel that the class met... more
    • Online Discussion 4/20/12 - Rachael Lynch-Daniels, Fri Apr 20 5:07pm
      This class has benefited me greatly, I feel like I am able to understand short stories better and pull out the main points. I also feel like I have become a better writer thanks to the critics’,... more
    • 420 - Shawn Williams, Fri Apr 20 4:23pm
      This English class has been different from others do to the fact that in my other English classes my teachers never cussed in every sentence.Also in my other English classes the teachers were girls,... more
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      This class has been very different from other English classes I have taken. I enjoyed English 1100 last semester and that why I chose to take English 1200 with the same professor. English 1200 has... more
    • Re: 4/20 Discussion - "11" - Lindsey Stephens, Fri Apr 20 3:16pm
      I think this English class was a lot better than my last English class. I like that you didn’t just lecture, but made us part of the conversation. Having Fridays off was also very different and I... more
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      This English class has been different from other English classes because it has taught me things to do outside of English class. It has taught me to follow directions exactly how they are given.... more
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      This class has been different from other classes that I have taken because it was a college level research writing class. The other English classes that I have taken, with the exception of the one I... more
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      Besides English 1100, this class was very different than those I have taken in the past. I liked how this class was run more than I have ever liked an English class before. I liked how the... more
    • 4/20 Discussion Response - Aimee Callicutt, Fri Apr 20 11:18am
    • 4/20/11 - lauren gray, Fri Apr 20 11:17am
      This English class was about the same difficulty as my 11th grade English class. My senior year of English was a joke but I had to work really hard my junior year. However, it was different in that... more
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      This English class was much more relaxed than others I have experienced. I also did not feel like I was babied and had my hand held through the whole class. There were high expectations but not a lot ... more
    • 4/20 Discussion - William Hicks, Fri Apr 20 10:56am
      This English class was different than others in my class due to a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the attitude of the classroom was a lot different than most classes I have taken. It was much... more
    • Re: 4/20 Discussion - "11" - Brianna Rinaldi , Fri Apr 20 10:46am
      This class has been pretty similar to classes I have taken before. I really enjoyed the class. I wasn't that big of a fan of the short stories but they were kind of funny and entertaining. You made... more
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