Charles Dennisc
4/20 discussion
Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:44pm (XFF:,

Compared to past Englishes I've taken, including my 1100 class, I've learned a lot more from this 1200 class. The grading on papers was a lot tougher than I'm used to but it only makes people better writers and makes taking criticism a lot easier when receiving grades back. Not to mention I've never had a professor to treat their students as if they were adults and at their own risk with their grades.

I gained a didn't appreciation for reading while being in this class as well. Whenever I read before I wouldn't look in depth at the message to see if the author was trying to talk about something other than what was written on the page. I find reading one of the most boring hobbies there is even if you're interested in what you're reading because even the plot can put me to sleep. But sometimes I'd torture myself and read one of the Boyle stories that weren't assigned and surprisingly I enjoyed it. It can only be beneficial to read.

I also benefited from the class because 8:00 am is an early start to a day. Any 8am could have that effect but going to a class that early that you don't hate going to is definitely a plus. I benefited least from the discussions due on Fridays, but all in all it's not bad because that way we doubt have Friday classes.

I feel as if I've met my expectations for the semester because I got what I wanted out of the course. We didn't have many papers and read much but at the same time I learned enough about both that will benefit me later on. Given a chance to revise one of our papers is also a everything but a con.

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