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Erin Bell
Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:39pm

My favorite TC Boyle story that we have read so far was “Green Hell”. This was the most recent story we have read in class. I liked the plot of the story because it held my attention. I always read the stories that morning before class so the information is fresh in my head, in case we have an assignment to do with one of the stories. This story had an interesting narrator which I liked. Though the narrator had just been in a plane crash and was stranded in the amazon rain forest he was still very nonchalant about it all. I’m not sure why but when I was reading the story I pictured the narrator as a girl. When I go to class I was confused when everyone started calling him “he”.
My least favorite story we have read was “Modern Love”, it honestly may have been the weirdest story I have ever read. I didn’t think the story was very realistic because I don’t know any boys who like someone so much that they would do as weird of things as the man in the story did. The fact that she made him wear a full body condom was too much for me. I didn’t like the ending either it made me feel bad for the man who had gone through so much for this woman to be dumped and he didn’t even know the reason why. He really loved the woman even with all of her strange qualities and she didn’t even like him enough to give him the reason that she dumped him.
TC Boyle has a unique way of storytelling. I've read many short stories throughout my school years but I have never read any of Boyle’s stories until now. His characters usually have strange personalities or a weird quirk to them. Like in “Green Hell” the cat man was very unusual and ended up staying with a tribe of Pigmes in the Amazon. Also in “Modern Love” the woman made the man have all sorts of crazy medical tests done before she even considered having sex with him. Both of these stories are prime examples of stories with interesting characters.

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