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Aaron Berry
Discussion 3/16
Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:35pm

Out of all the T.C Boyle stories that we have read in this class, I would have to say that “Green Hell” would have to be my favorite. I liked this story just because it was really believable. I like reading about survival stories. I find them very interesting and this one was no different. I liked how the author put eight of the most different people in the world together. I really like the Andrea the bitch who was sleeping with the pilot. She reminds me of that sexy flight attendant that serves you whenever you fly on a plane. I also liked how the narrator was kind of a bad guy and he still lived at the end. I hate when the good guys always win and it made it even more realistic cause when you’re in that kind of situation you kind of have to do anything to survive. I was surprised that the cat guy was the one who helped him live at the end just because he was nice to him and his cats. The story that I liked the least was probably “Modern Love.” First of all I really don’t believe somebody would be that desperate to sleep with someone that they would put on a full body condom. I just thought the whole story was not realistic and I don’t like stories that are like that. I thought that the author could have made the story a little better. The only thing that I did like was that the guy at least respected the woman enough to deal with all the ridiculous things she made him do. I know there’s no way in hell I would do that for a girl. The Boyle stories differ from what I read in high school because we read more books than short stories. We also read plays like Oedipus the King, Romeo and Juliet, and The Odyssey. When I got to college my English 1100 teacher gave us a bunch of short stories like we read in your class for us to read. I do like the short stories better because I don’t like to read but I miss reading plays

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