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Erin Bell
Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:00pm

I have never done an annotated bibliography before. I actually like it a lot more than other papers I have written. I worked on it Tuesday and got about four done and then did one while I was in biology class so I have five done and ten to go. I was really worried that I would have to cram it all in Sunday night, which I probably will still end up doing but I donít mind writing this I even enjoy it a little. I would rather read than write any day and this assignment has a lot of reading involved. Originally I chose the topic sororities but later I decided that that was too broad and I didnít really know what kind of information I would find. So I recently changed my topic to anorexia in adolescence and itís holding my attention very well. I thought I knew a lot about anorexia before from all the health classes I have had to take throughout the years but I am learning so much more.
As I said I have never written an annotated bibliography and it is very different from any other papers I have written. At first I thought you said each annotation had to be 350 words luckily when I said that to my friend Jessica who also has you she corrected me because I would have been doing a lot of extra work. Jessica has been struggling much more than I have the night finished four annotations she finished about two and a half and quit because she said she hated this assignment.
The only challenges I have really faced have been the formatting. I took a look at your example and looked up annotated bibliographies on the Purdue website but I'm still worried I'm not doing it correctly. The example is what I based my paper off of because the website didnít help very much. I know my citations are done right but I donít know if the layout of my paper is done correctly. I'm also nervous because I thought I was going to do much better on the research paper than I did so I'm scarred I will get a bad grade on this paper as well.

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