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Brooke Starace
Annotated Bib. Online Assignment
Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:28pm

This project has been difficult to start, because like most papers, it took me awhile to pick a desirable topic. I finally decided on the pros and cons of social networking in our society, because there are many different debatable views on this topic, and it was something I was interested in. After deciding on this definite topic, I have recently been able to make a lot of progress with the assignment. I have been going to the library and finding a lot of valuable sources to use for the bibliography. I have also been reviewing each website in order to make sure they are reliable sources and to obtain information that is needed to write the annotations. This paper is a lot easier than other papers we have written, because we do not have to write out the actual essay, and it is based solely on the bibliography. Unlike bibliographies we have created in the past, this bibliography must include an annotation or summary with each source. Although the project is a lot easier than most of the papers we have had assigned, it is a lot more tedious and time consuming than the previous assignments. This project is also different from others we have had, because with other papers, I could generally wait until the last second until I complete them. With this task, I had to start in advance and could not procrastinate, because there is too much work to complete and websites to summarize all at once. One difficulty I have come across while completing the annotated bibliography is finding reliable sources. A lot of the sources I have found have been sketchy or unreliable. Another difficulty Iíve come across while completing the bibliography is writing the annotations. It is hard to write a summary about a lot of the sources because they tend to blend together in my mind, making it difficult to distinguish one source from another. Because I started in advance, and the bibliography is an easy task to complete, I think I will make a good grade on the overall assignment. I am trying to think optimistically and am hoping this project will be an easy A.

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