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Aaron Berry
Discussion 3/23
Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:28pm

First of all I havenít made any progress on my annotated bibliography at all. I have been extremely busy with all my other classes that I havenít really had time. I know that we have had over a month to do this but Iím not very good with a lot of time on my hands. I wish I had started it over spring break when I had an entire week off but I just wasted time chilling with my girlfriend. I canít get that time back now and all I can do now is suck it up and spend all weekend sober and in the library. This is really going to suck just because I was looking forward to this weekend to just relax, chill, and enjoy the beautiful weather weíve been having. I donít even think Iíll finish it this weekend I might have to turn it in late just because I donít even know how to write an annotated bibliography. I guess I can go look on the course website at the example and maybe somebody in the library can help. This paper isnít like any that I have written in my entire writing career. Iíve never had to write an annotated bibliography so I know this is going to be a challenge. I hope that I can do well on this or at least better than I did on my last paper which I got a fifty on. The only real challenge that Iíve faced so far is starting my paper. Iím just really lazy at times and since I had so much time to get started on my paper I just kept putting it off to the next day. Iím worried about the fifteen sources that we have to have just because thatís a large amount. I know we went to the library and that lady spent the whole class time explaining how to look up sources from 2007 to the present but now I forgot. I hope that there is somebody in that library that can help me if not itís going to be a long weekend.

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