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Ashley Heavner
DB 3-30
Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:40am

The issue topics I am currently debating are cloning, abortion, hunting, capital punishment, and migration. I am considering cloning because besides the fact I will be in nursing school next year, there has been a real debate over this topic since President Bush broadcasted it while in office. Some of the reasons to be for cloning would be infertility, curing diseases, and genetic illness. Reasons against this topic would be religious beliefs, the embryos are at risk or killed, and human rights get thrown in there as well. This topic has a lot of resources as I can tell from the annotated bibliography example, but I want to find a topic not everyone and their mother will be writing about.
My next topic of choice would be abortion. I know this topic is highly debated because of the media so I am not too worried about finding enough sources. The two sides of the argument are “pro-choice” and “pro-life,” from my understanding. Pro-choice debaters believe that women have the option and right to decide if they would like to abort their fetus, while pro-life people believe that the fetus is a life form that should not be killed for any reason. The pro-choice people would argue that in situations of rape, financial instability, or an unwanted child, abortion is the best option. But the pro-life people would argue that abortion is cruel, possibly manslaughter or murder, and there are better options to explore.
Capital punishment is an issue that many people talk about in ethics class. My teacher for philosophy, Mr. Jacoby, had us read an interesting chapter about capital punishment. Many people had differing opinions in my class, and the discussion brought it to my attention that it is a serious situation. People for capital punishment believe the “eye for an eye” philosophy, that the people who are sentenced this punishment deserve it. The main argument for people against it would be that some people are incorrectly sentenced and this is a permanent punishment that cannot be reversed if they were to be proven innocent.
Another topic I was considering was migration. The United States is concerned with people coming in to the states because of many reasons. People for migration would say that everyone deserves equal rights and Americans do the same thing moving to England and other places. The people against migration would say that unemployment is increasing, people don’t pay their taxes, and racial remarks. I don’t know how many reasons I would be able to find on this topic that would be legitimate enough to take seriously. All of the topics I have listed are options for my issue paper unless one happens to be restricted.

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    What topic(s) are you considering for the issue paper? Why are you considering this/these topic(s)? What do you feel will be the two sides of the argument?
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      To be honest I have not thought too much about the issue paper. I am not yet sure what I want to write it on, I just know that I am going to try to pick something that will interest me enough for me... more
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      The topic I am considering for this assignment is ethics of stem cell research. The reason I am considering stem cell research is because ever since I have moved here I have heard debates on the... more
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      I think that my topic for the issue essay is going to be the issue of whether or not people today have become overly dependent on technology. It seems to me that this is an issue that has only become ... more
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      I am so glad that this is our last paper. Writing papers has always been stressful for me because writing is not really my strong point. Anyway, for the issue paper I am considering 3 different... more
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      The topic I have chosen for the issue paper is the same topic I did my annotated bibliography on. People around the country have different opinions on inclusion of special education students in... more
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      The topic I am considering researching is experimentation of animals and testing done on them in clinical labs. I am interested in learning more about what really is going on behind the lab doors and ... more
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      As far as the issue paper goes I am strongly considering writing about the effects of video games, which is the same topic I chose for the annotated bibliography. This topic is quite a popular one to ... more
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      I’m considering homelessness in America and how so many people look down on them. This topic is important because, given the economy over the past couple of years, it has become increasingly... more
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      The topic I am considering most for the issue paper is abortion in teens. I feel that this would be a great topic because it has always been so controversial, especially in politics and religion.... more
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      For my issue paper, I am considering writing an argument on tattoos. My reason for wanting to write on this topic is so I can learn where both sides are coming from as far as tattoos in the workplace ... more
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      The topic I am leaning towards most on choosing for this issue essay is social schemas and why they are still prevalent in today’s society and should they be. Gender roles have always played a part... more
    • DB 3-30 - Ashley Heavner, Fri Mar 30 9:40am
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      For the issue paper I am considering writing about Gay Rights Equality because it is an issue that has to do with human rights and some people are not getting treated fairly. Gay people are no less... more
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