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Erin Bell
3-30-12 Discussion Board
Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:49am

Both of the topics I have thought about writing about for my issue paper would go against my religion. I am Catholic but I'm not the best Catholic. Many things I do the bible tells people not to do. The two papers topics I am considering so far are the two most obvious choices just because I havenít put a lot of thought into it. The two topics I'm thinking about writing on are abortion and gay marriage. Arguing for both of these topics would go against my religion, but I think I would rather argue pro-gay marriage than pro-abortion. My grandma has volunteered for a company named birthright all of her life, she was never paid a cent and she even helped start the organization. Birthright was an organization in Maryland that pregnant women of all ages could come to get support from and find a way that they could keep their child and not have to get an abortion. They would help them in any way they could they even found houses for some homeless women. She is so proud of all the women she helped and all the babies live that she saved, she tells us stories all the time. If my grandmother ever knew I wrote a paper arguing pro-choice I honestly think she might disown me.
Writing an issue paper on gay marriage would be more accepted in my religion, or at least to my family I think. The whole gay marriage topic is a little awkward to me now that everyone argues that they were born that way because if they were born that way than how can it be a sin. I personally donít believe gays should be allowed to get married because thatís the way I was brought up. But that doesnít mean I would ever go protest against it or anything. If my grandmother ever asked me to go protest against pro-choice with her I probably would. Luckily sheís a little too old for protesting now so I donít think sheíll be doing that again anytime soon. In the end I donít think I will choose either of these topics but theyíre the only two I have come up with so far.

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