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Brooke Starace
3/30 Discussion
Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:22am

The topic I am considering for the issue paper is the same topic I used for the annotated bibliography. This topic was social networking, and two sides of the topic included whether it was more beneficial or harmful to our society. This topic would be extremely interesting to write because there are so many arguments to each side of the controversy. On one hand, social networking is a new and upcoming form of communication and way to broadcast ideas to thousands and even millions of people in a matter of seconds. Social networking is used in the classroom to help make lessons updated and interesting. Some teachers and professors even use social networking sites to communicate and post information to students. Social networking can also be used in times of crisis and need. Social networking sites can be created for people to communicate with others who have been through similar situations, such as the lost of a baby or loved one. On the other hand, social networking can pose as a danger to society. Social networking can be a danger to privacy. Users can hack and obtain private information from others’ profiles, such as address, phone number, birth date, and so on. These hackers could hunt down/stalk users and even harm or kill them if the user is not careful. Another invasion of privacy could be a leak of pictures. Unwanted or inappropriate pictures can be leaked and shared with millions of people from anyone with just the click of a mouse. This could be detrimental to a person’s reputation and in worst case scenario, even job. Bosses, managers, anyone in the working industry can obtain an employee or future employee’s profile if it is not set to private. There are even other ways to hack onto user profiles even if they are set on private mode. If we are not careful about our actions, social networking can be a growing danger to society’s privacy. Because there is so much information on both sides of the argument of social networking, I think it would make a great issue paper topic.

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