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Chris Ingram
Issue Paper
Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:23pm

Currently I am still trying to decide on a main topic for my issue paper, my top choices would be abortion, women in sports, or the drinking age. If I had to choose out of those topics drinking age would probably be the topic I choose just because it interests me the most and I feel that it would be a paper that I could put my input in and also there are many issues that can be brought up on both sides of the argument if the drinking age should be lowered or not. Being under the drinking age putting in my input on the side of being under the drinking age would help me but at the same time it could also give me a biased opinion toward one side so I may change my topic to something that would not benefit me in anyway no matter what side of the issue I am arguing. The main issues for drinking age would be how at 18 you are allowed to fight for your country but you cannot drink that is the biggest issue that I would discuss in this paper and also the fact that drinking related incidents would possible lower if the drinking age were to be lowered. The side that I could also bring up to debate whether or not a person at the age of 18 is mature enough to make the right decisions if the drinking age were to be dropped. That being said the drinking age was at one time 18 and there were not that many problems when it was lower. The topic is something that I feel I could have endless arguments for both sides that would be no problem. Drinking is a problem all around the world and there being so many differences in opinions makes it a great issue paper topic and I want to try and make sure that I try my best to make sure that both sides are discussed to its full potential. Legalizing the drinking age to 18 is more than likely going to be my topic for my issue paper.

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