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Aaron Berry
Discussion 3/30
Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:03pm

I missed class on Wednesday because I slept through my alarm which was set for the wrong time anyway. I was up a good part of the night trying to finish the annotated bibliography which was due Monday. I kept putting it off and then waited so long to start. Plus with all the other added in requirements like fifteen source from 2007 to the present it just made the paper that much harder. I ended up having to turn the paper in too late and now my grade is going to drop at least two letter grades. I plan on starting as soon as possible on this paper so I donít stress myself out. Iím not really sure what I want to write this paper on. I feel like there are so many issues in the world that I could use but I want something that one Iím interested in and two I know good amount of information about. Iím leaning towards something in the sports area just because I love sports and the fact that thereís always something going on. Every time I turn on ESPN some school, coach, or player is in some kind of trouble. I wasnít in class so and Iíve never had to write an issue paper so I guess I need to do some research plus read the syllabus. I hope this paper isnít very confusing and challenging like the last one. I had a hard time picking a topic for the last paper and thatís probably why it took me so long to write it. I will probably have to go the writing lab place and get them to help me brainstorm and outline my paper. I canít afford not to get a decent grade on this paper. I feel like the two sides of the paper will probably be what the right decision was and what the wrong decision was. I feel like this part of the paper is going to be the hardest just because I know we canít pick a side and I know how I am sometimes. I know itís going to be difficult not be somewhat bias.

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