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Taylan Doherty
3/20 Discussion
Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:02pm

The topic I am considering for the issue paper assigned is divorce. There are many pros and cons to such a topic and it’s a relevant topic to modern families. I discovered this topic in a very fashionable way; when I logged on to see the discussion topic this week, I also googled “good topics for issue papers”. The first website gave me a selection of the most popular choices of today. The list included nuclear weapons, child exploitation, food shortage, and popular explosion. Many of these are popular issues that can be told of but not argued for or against. Divorce on the other hand has its ups and downs. For instance living unhappily in a marriage is bad for an individual and the children they might have, where as being a single parent can create hardships as well.
The reason I chose divorce, almost immediately, is because I myself have firsthand experience. My mother was married, and divorced, six times (to my knowledge, there may actually be more). My father was divorced once (from her), and remarried once more (thankfully successfully). I was instantly ready to write on such a topic, knowing that it means a lot to me. I am not afraid of a subject that holds personal attachments to my life, in fact I embrace it. With such a sensitive subject I believe my writing will be more influenced, not biased, just having more feelings for both sides of the argument I believe I will more accurately portray whatever each side has to offer.
Common topics, such as abortion or the death penalty, are overused. The debate has become boring and the issue is hardly relevant to today’s society. The divorce rate however is astonishingly high, making normal families (categorized by the standard happy marriage, 2.5 children, annoying dog, and picket fence) not so normal anymore. In the year 2000 the Los Angeles Times reported that 63 percent of American families are dysfunctional, thus proving my point. The world is changing, I’m not going to bias my paper, but I can say that to me, this information is good; great even. The people who grew up perfectly, with everything handed to them don’t know how to handle life. As soon as something happens that they didn’t expect they’re the ones who go postal. Not the people who have gone through negative things their entire life, to quote Christopher Titus (One of my favorite comedians), “If you’ve been through a lot of shit in your life, you know just when you see the shit about to hit the fan, you step to the side of the fan”.

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    • 3/20 Discussion - Taylan Doherty, Fri Mar 30 3:02pm
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