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Ron Hicks
No Subject
Mon Apr 2, 2012 8:39am

I am trying to decide between several different topics for the upcoming issue paper. Some of the controversial issues I have in mind include separation of church and state vs. clericalism and pro vs. anti-euthanasia. Each of these arguments has strong support on either side for and against the topic. I am considering these topics because I believe I can find plenty of information on each side of the argument. These arguments have been debated for quite some time now and there has been extensive research and political claims made as to why these topics are so popular in the media. I also want to learn more about these issues, because although I have some background knowledge regarding each of them, I want to expand my reach into deeper levels by exploring why the issues are so heavily debated, the extremists on either side and their feelings, as well as a soft middle ground where and if compromise can be found. For separation of church and state, there are politicians who say church and religion do not belong in politics while clericalists say it plays a pivotal role in decision-making. This topic has been hot for decades, dating back to societies before the modern one we enjoy today. Euthanasia may be a topic some have not heard about, therefore have not formed an informed decision. The issue has been swept under the rug time and time again, but I want to bring it to the light, find its origins, and see where the technology and opinions of the people who perform these types of operation and the people who are so heavily against any procedure of this type will lead. I feel pretty confident that whichever topic I choose for this issue paper will be a complete argument filled with opinions and attitudes for and against. There are a handful of issues that are always going to be popular in research writing such as abortion, gay marriage, or even animal testing, but I wanted to think a little bit outside of the box and explore issues that are not as popular but still need to be addressed.

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