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Katelyn Singleton
4/13 Discussion
Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:33pm

The topic I have decided to write about for the issue paper is the inclusion of special education in general education. This issue is a growing debate around the United States and is also very important to me as a future teacher. This issue ties in different areas of education, such as “No Child Left Behind” and the improvement of students and their advancement to higher grades. People tend to take a specific side on this argument, arguing that either students should meet a certain criteria to advance to the next grade or that they should just show improvement from the previous year, regardless of grade criteria. Both sides have research to back them up, so writing about this section of inclusion will hopefully come fairly easy to me. Along with the issue of inclusion comes the major problem, whether or not students with special needs and learning disabilities should be educated in the same classroom as students without learning disabilities. People around the country also tend to take a very strong stand to either side of this argument. I have found a huge amount of research on this issue, thanks to the annotated bibliography. I will be able to use all of the sources from my annotated bibliography to write this paper and find useful information. Also in this paper I will address the challenges that teachers face with inclusion and the different sides they take on the issue. It is very difficult for teachers to adjust all of their teaching material and classroom activities so that they meet the needs of one particular student. Adjusting lesson plans to accommodate one student in a classroom of twenty five is not an east task for teachers, so many take the side that students with special needs and learning disabilities should not be in a general classroom and should have classrooms and teachers of their own. This issue brings about a lot of different arguments and is a growing issue that has gained a lot of attention over the past decade. The only challenge I believe I will face writing this paper is being biased to my view on the issue. I have my own personal opinions about the issue, so it will be hard to write for both sides.

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