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Brooke Starace
4/13 Discussion
Fri Apr 13, 2012 4:12pm

It has been difficult for me to make a decision on what topic to write about for the issue paper. Two possible issue topics that have been considering are the pros and cons of abortion and the pros and cons of euthanasia. These two topics have really stuck out to me, because there are clearly divided sides for each topic.
When it comes to the topic of abortion, one argument is that it is unjustified to kill an unborn human being if it is a certain amount of weeks old or can feel pain. It is argued that killing the fetus after a certain amount of weeks is inhumanly and cruel. People generally call supporters of this belief the pro-life supporters, because they are supporting the life of the baby or fetus. Another side of this controversy argues that pregnant females have the right to decided whether or not they want to have a baby. Supporters of this side argue that some females may not be in an appropriate position to take care of a baby. These supporters are often called pro-choice, because they are supporting the right of pregnant females to make the choice in going through with a pregnancy.
Another potential topic that I am interested in writing about is the euthanasia controversy. One side of this argument is that it is a doctor’s job to realize when it is time to let a human/animal and induce death. It is thought that if that patient is suffering or in pain and there is a slim chance of survival, they should be put to peace, or euthanized. Supporters of the other side of this controversy argue that it is inhuman to kill off a patient before their time has come. Some supporters of anti-euthanasia believe that there is still a chance the patient could make a recovery, and by euthanizing the patient, this chance is smothered.
I feel the greatest challenge in writing this paper is providing equal research for each side of the argument. It is going to be hard to not be biased and provide more information on the side I support.

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