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Ron Hicks
Re: 4/20 Discussion - "11"
Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:00am

As much as I have disliked previous English classes, I must say that I have somewhat enjoyed English 1200. The difference between the class this semester and other classes I have taken is the atmosphere. In other intensive writing classes, it is all about writing and being a better more perfect writer in that certain teacherís or professorís eyes. With English 1200 this semester, the goal seemed to be to shape our writing skills into a more agreeable form so that our writing could be translated over to other studies. The class was very straight forward as well. Mr. Bates gave us the assignment directly, beat us over the head with the requirements for each paper, and let us basically take the reins from there. Each paper dealt with research, so I became more inept in the ways of looking up information for writing sources and I finally noticed how helpful a print source can be after relying on the internet for so long. As I said before, it was truly the atmosphere that made the difference. The class was engaging and, definitely unlike previous English classes, I never thought to myself how much I dreaded going to each class because I knew it was going to be a low pressure environment where we could discuss a paper or research or one of the very interesting stories we were assigned to read. Honestly, I was told not to take Bates as an English teacher because of his supposed ďbad attitudeĒ but he is just sarcastic and what he thinks is witty during class and thatís what livens up the mood so we do not feel like we are imprisoned in a dull classroom for fifty minutes. My goals at the beginning of the semester were to be become a more confident writer. Not necessarily a better one, but more experienced and trustworthy of myself to get my ideas out onto paper and I can now say, coming to the close of my freshman year, that I have come much closer in achieving those goals. I now know how to use expertís ideas and incorporate them into my own while still sounding bright. I hope this discussion did not seem too much of a kiss-ass piece of work but it has been an interesting semester and I am certainly going to recommend Bates as an English 1200 teacher to anyone who asks.

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      English 1200 this semester have been different than most other English classes Iíve had before for a few reasons. The major reason was because it was research based. My other English classes were... more
    • 4/20 Discussion - Timothy Alder, Fri Apr 20 1:42pm
      I would say compared to other English classes I have taken, this one has helped me in some of the areas I have struggled with in English. I see that being able to use research tools that ECU provides ... more
    • 4/20 Discussion - Tiffany LaBarge, Fri Apr 20 1:11pm
      This English class has been different from others because of the in-class discussions for one. The sarcasm and joking gives it a laid back atmosphere where we can feel comfortable. I didn't stress as ... more
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    • 4/20 Discussion - Brennen Lieske, Fri Apr 20 11:09am
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    • 4/20 Discussion - Taylan Doherty, Fri Apr 20 10:31am
      This English class has been different from others in my past because in the very beginning I was provided with a list of assignments that I would be given. This list never changed and provided more... more
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    • Re: 4/20 Discussion - "11" - Ron Hicks, Fri Apr 20 10:00am
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