Brooke Starce
Discussion 11
Fri Apr 20, 2012 1:57pm

Because I took English 1100 with the same instructor, this course was not really different from last semester. Compared to the English classes I have taken in high school, this class has required a lot less work when it comes to worksheets, quizzes, and exams. Normally, I would have worksheets due for homework and a test or quiz every couple of weeks throughout my high school English courses. When I came to college and took English 1100 and English 1200, it was a lot less stressful not having English quizzes and Exams to study for. On the other hand, this class has required us to complete more complex papers than my previous English classes. I have always had assigned papers in high school, but the minimum length was normally 2 to 3 pages. This class has also differed from any other English course I have taken, because it is concentrated on using researching skills.
The most beneficial part of taking this course has been completing the research papers. Writing these papers has allowed me to sharpen my research skills, and develop critical writing abilities that will further help me in the future when working in my career field. Although I dreaded writing each paper in this course, completing the assignments forced my writing skills to enhance to a college level.
During the course, I benefitted least from the T.C Boyle stories. Although some of the stories were entertaining and fun to talk about, a lot of them werenít anything that would stick for me to remember. The stories arenít something that will benefit me in the future and I probably will forget about reading them eventually.
The course has met my expectations, because the only real expectation I had was to improve my writing skills. This course has taught me a lot about researching and writing for future assignments. I am disappointed, because I think I could have done a lot better in the course then I have, but in the long run I will learn not to procrastinate and to get things done in advance. This course has taught me some valuable life lessons whether intended or not.

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