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Accio Pokeball! AU Potterverse/Pokemon Crossover
Fri Sep 26, 2014 01:30 (XFF:

Wizards and Pokemon live alongside each other, away from the mundane Muggle eye. An albino Gyarados guards the deepest waterlogged Gringotts vaults. Your wand contains a strand of Absol mane fur. Students walk through the grand gates of Hogwarts with their Pokemon companions by their sides. The two species live a happy existence hidden away from the mundane Muggle eye. However, an elite squad of Squib revolutionaries are planning to overthrow the wizarding world, and have discovered an ancient secret that shifts power dangerously onto their side of the arena - Mega Evolution. What will happen within the wizarding world of Magical London?

AU | Statless | No Word Count

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