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No Books of Men: A Mage University RPG [Jcink]
Sat May 9, 2015 16:15


At No Books of Men, you can take on the role of a member of the Columbiana Academy. Join one of the Great Houses of Hermes and learn the ways of magic, but watch out. The Houses are constantly competing with each other, while rivalries rarely turn deadly when they involve people who can reshape reality all bets are off. Meanwhile, shadowy conspiracies and secret societies pull the strings of mortals and mages alike. The evil Exarchs seek to dominate all of mankind and are constantly trying to weaken the Hermetics from without. Finally, deep beneath the Valley, something dark and ancient stirs from its slumber.

Come join the ranks of Columbiana Academy, open your mind to the ways of magic, and carve your name across the face of destiny!

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