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co-admin sarah
The Beginning of the End
Sun Sep 18, 2016 13:40


[size=1][b]THE BEGINNING OF THE END[/b] is an AU Post-Potter roleplay. However, we are only AU in plot, not canon world, so you will still find the same creatures, laws of magic, etc. The variable that makes us AU is [i]original characters.[/i]

[b]OUR PLOT[/b] evolves naturally from the activity of the members. If you want to do something, do it! We only ask that you develop it realistically (aka new Dark Lords don't just suddenly become the big bad - they have to gain allies/affect the world one event at a time).

[b]OUR CURRENT PLOT[/b] - The war is between Britain and Italy is finally over after 4 long years. Harry Potter is on the run for the assassination of the Minister for Magic. The blood purist group, Mortenero, keeps growing in number, despite suddenly ceasing their attacks. No one knows what they have planned next, especially when their fugitive leader was recently cleared of all charges. Is Mortenero no more or are they getting ready for something much worse?

Meanwhile, life at Hogwarts continues on. Some have joined the Order or Mortenero, but many are staying out of it, focused on their Hogwarts life and all that it entails. With Quidditch, classes, clubs and more, it's easy to stay distracted from the outside world.


well established, but easy to jump into or jump back into if you've been away
active classes, student clubs & duelling tournaments (optional, but fun!)
roleplayed quidditch games & mass events (for both students and adults)
interactive gringotts & shops system (with pretty buttons)
international settings (various schools, shops and locations around the world)

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