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Jasmine Berryman
That White Dress
Fri Oct 5, 2012 2:54pm

I remember my first love like it was just last week. That was probably the worst break-up ever and it's been the only relationship that has scarred my heart. The duumbest thing I did was decide that I was going to Prom the same year we broke up and to buy that white dress.
To make a long story short, we were both starting Varsity Basketball playerss. His name is Chris and everybody called him, "CP." I was a sophomore in high school and he was a Junior. We started dating early December and we broke up around the beginning of May due to perihed feelings nd as embarrassing as itt is to admit this, it was somewhat over Prom. Honestly, I think Prom was just the icing to the cake and that' what it was official that we were done.
Initially, I started becomingg arrogant and I allowed my family (more so my mommy and grandma) to blow up my head. My mommy and Grandma refused to find anything positive about Chris. All they continued to mock me about was; how he didn't have hi licenses, his lips were too big, how ugly they thought he was, and how his head looked like a "dry mop," since he had dreads but refused to geth them re-twisted. So, me being easily pressured I started drawingg away from Chris. But, I knew I would be heartbroken if I broke up with him. So I stayed with him, but everything my mom and Granny told me kept lingering in the back of my head and I slowly started drawing away from him
Then Prom arrangements had to begin. Unfortunately, this is when everything got real. Chris decided he wanted to wear black and red. His two favorite colors. With that being said, Chris made it very clear that he wanted me to get a red dress. Well I told my mom and I had to remind her four times. First in the beginnging of March, at the end of March, at the beginning of April and at the end of April. At the end of April she finally decides, "okay this will be a perfect time to go find your dress."
Well we go dress shopping and there aren't any red dresses. However we found a beautiful white dress that did not need any alterations but there was one problem. The dress wasn't red. After I told Chris, we decided it would be best if he went to Prom with his friends and I'll just meet him there. Not a smart idea. Eventually he gets to Prom and he has a date. She had on a red dress of course, and not to mention how exact the reds seem to match. Instead of acknowledging me he stay off around his prom date and from there our relationship was officially done.
Within the next week they had basically started dating. By the time my Junior year had came around they were still dating. I still wasn't over the Prom situaion but I was more past it now than I was before.
Although, I suffered a broken heart and lost my first love I don't regret the time I spent dating Chris. I don't regret my decision of still going to Prom without Chris or even picking that white dress. I understand that buying the white dress wasn't the smartest decision but everything happens for a reason. & If that relationship was meant to be then it would've lasted regardless of the color of my dress.

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      I apologize ahead of time for the gramatical errors.
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