Tina Brown
10/19 Discussion USE THIS ONE
Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:27am

I have chosen option one for the T.C Boyles paper. I am analyzing, comparing, and contrasting “Big Game” and “The Human Fly.” I analyzed the stories by including key points then I explained Boyle’s views. I have currently written three pages and have developed both stories but I still need to write a compare, contrast, and conclusion paragraph. The remaining 3 paragraphs should easily push me beyond the four page minimum and also help me tie the two stories together.

The most challenging obstacle that I have faced while writing this paper was trying to understand the paper format. I did not know how to develop the stories without summarizing. Basically while writing, I pretended that I was not doing a compare and contrast paper so I could concentrate more on analyzing the stories instead of defending them. I also had trouble discovering what views Boyle was trying to present to the reader.

The least difficult part of this paper was gathering information and quotes. Everything came from only two short stories which made it easier for me to locate the points I needed. The in-class discussion of each story also helped me understand what details I needed to look for. Skimming over the stories and gathering information was time consuming but having read the stories previously, I already knew where some of the information was located.

In my paper, I discussed Boyle’s views on arrogant and greedy people, obsessions and how they are harmful, animals and their rights, and fame and how it is overrated. Boyles shows his dislike for greed and arrogance and his thoughts on animal rights when he lets Bessie Bee kill Puff and the Benders. He shows the same dislike for greed when he developed Zoltan into a lonely homeless man who was profited off of by an agent. Boyle created a feeling of sadness when Zoltan died and a feeling of anger towards the agent because he did not try to stop Zoltan from taking those harmful risks. Mike and Zoltan both allowed their obsessions to kill them and neither of the characters got what they wanted. Zoltan also never gained fame, even after he performed dangerous risks and died.

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