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Jasmine Berryman
Boyle Paper Discussion
Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:40am

Honestly, I haven't began writing the paper yet. I've been debating on whether I want to do a comparison of "Carnal Knowledge" & " Little Fur People." Or if I should find another story and compare it to one of the two. My main goal is to write on two stories with the MOST similiarities.

The most challenging part of this paper has been deciding which stories have the most similiarties. I believe that it will be easier to write this paper knowing there are a lot of similiarities considering its fairly easy to point out differences in the two stories.

The least challenging part of the paper would be elaborating on the comparisons and contrast.Since my primary goal was to pick two stories with the most comparisons. I think that part of my paper will be the easiest to write and it will probably be the most determential part
of my paper, that will either make or break my grade.

Lastly, as I've mentioned earlier I think I'm going to write my paper on "Carnal Knowledge" and 'Little Fur People," since they seem to have the most similiarites.

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